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2 golden rules to increase twitter followers

increase twitter followersTwitter can be a minefield for many businesses starting out in social media.

Once you’ve got your profile set up, how do you increase Twitter followers without resorting to dodgy tactics?

No one wants to be spammed and it’s not best practise to buy followers; after all – you’re looking for genuine engagement from people who are interested in your products and services; not a bunch of paid followers and robots.

How to increase Twitter followers

Social media is much like social interaction in ‘real life’ – you need to be polite, interesting and helpful. Many people think it’s ok to be offensive, belligerent or rude, believing social media to be impersonal and that you’re hiding behind a screen, but nothing could be further from the truth. And whatsmore; social media is available for the whole world to see!

Here are two golden rules to help increase Twitter followers. Neither are rocket science but they are simple good practise…


Post quality tweets. While it might seem strange or impossible to combine quality with 140 characters, there lies a skill in getting across information to your followers that they will find interesting.

Whenever you post ask yourself whether what you are sharing is interesting, helpful or inspiring. Being humorous or contentious (with manners) is good too as these are often the Tweets that go viral.

Ask yourself “How will this tweet enhance the lives of my followers?” If it doesn’t then think twice before hitting the Tweet key!


Conversation is a two way process. If someone walked into your office you wouldn’t ignore them; you’d do everything you could to engage them.

If someone talks about you on Twitter, respond to them. Say thank you for any @mentions or thank them for recommending you.

If you find great information in your newsfeed, ReTweet information that has helped you or you know will help your readers, then drop a personal Tweet to the person who wrote the content.

In short, be polite and be a go-giver, not a go-getter.

What about you – any golden rules to increase Twitter followers?

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