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About WP-Engine

Every web owner needs a server to host their site and they are as different as apples and pears!

Why your host is important

When we first began building websites, we used cheap hosting companies, why pay more? Then as some sites became popular and busy we soon realised that cheap shared hosting soon leads to problems like slow page loading, down time and potential security issues.

Cheap hosting companies survive because they cram as many websites onto their servers as possible so as to reduce their costs. If your site is crucial to your business and is going to be busy, you must use a more professional hosting option.

Most web companies won’t offer this …

All our sites are hosted as standard on semi-dedicated servers, situated in London UK. This offers optimum speed and security for the average business and portfolio website.

Our top recommendation is WP-Engine

We now offer a premium hosting service to all customers using WP-Engine, simply because it’s incredibly reliable, fast and secure. Pages load in a fraction of the time all over the world and not just in the UK.  WP-Engine offers many essential features such as automated backups, security monitoring and advanced caching. This company really excels in delivering a top executive service to websites that want the best performance, up-time and security.

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