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B: Blogging for business: six ideas

gloucestershire-web-designs-blogging-for-businessWelcome to day 2 of the Gloucestershire Web Design blogging from A-Z challenge.

Are you taking part?

Today we’re onto the letter B and I want to give you six simple ideas for blogging efficiently.

Nearly all the business owners I work with are passionate about their work but time poor and blogging can become just another chore to add to the ever-growing ‘to do’ list.

The trouble is, if you want to improve your SEO, gain more loyal followers and increase your chances of reaching that coveted number one spot in Google, you need to be blogging consistently and conscientiously.

How can you achieve that when you don’t have much time?

By having a few prompts in your mind, you might find that events during a normal working day trigger ideas for writing. Here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing and help you with some new blogging for business suggestions:


When you talk to existing or potential clients, I bet the same questions come up time and time again. Why not make a note of your top ten FAQs and plan a blog post around each one?

Case study

If you’ve just finished working with a client, write about it! Share the successes and some of the problems you faced. Explain how you overcame them and finish with a satisfied client testimonial.


In a similar vein to the FAQ idea, what have you learned to do recently that could help others? A tutorial either with photographs or as a short video can soon go viral.

Seasonal celebrations

Take a look at national and international days and see how you could craft a blog post around it. There is everything to write about from Winnie the Pooh day to Cancer awareness months.


I love this idea that Gloucestershire web designs are taking part in right now – an A-Z challenge gets you thinking outside the box and keeps you busy for at least a month!


Is there a current story in the news that you could comment on? You can agree, disagree or better still offer a solution to a problem. Pick a headline from today’s paper and get writing.

There you go; six simple blogging for business ideas – you can have Sunday off! Tell me; which one do you think you could start writing about today?

Are you struggling with blogging for your business? If you need ideas, clarity, help with creating an editorial calendar or even a discreet proxy blogger, contact Gloucestershire web designs today or call us at local rate – 0845 45 99 100!

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