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How to embed instagram video into your blog

embed instagram videoInstagram have a fantastic feature where you can record and upload 15 second videos.

These are excellent for sharing ‘how to’s’, answering a quick question or for recording a ‘day in the life of’ snippet to make your blog come alive.

Until recently it was difficult to do anything with these videos other than show them on your Instagram stream. But now it’s simple to embed instagram videos onto your blog.

Follow these simple steps!

Embed Instagram video – step 1

Go to the video you want to embed and open it up.

Click on the button at the bottom of the screen, next to the ‘leave a comment’ box. It has three dots on it and you’ll find it here:

embed instagram video step 1

Embed instagram video – Step two

Once you click on that button, two options will come up – ’embed’ and ‘report as inappropriate’

embed instagram video step 2

Embed instagram video – Step three

Go ahead and click on the ’embed’ button and you’ll get a small pop up box containing the HTML.

embed instagram video step 3

Embed instagram video – Step four

Now copy that code ready to add to your blog post. You’re done!

When you’re writing a blog post in your WordPress blog, make sure you paste the code into the ‘Text’ tab and not the ‘visual’ tab, otherwise you’ll get some ugly code breaking through on your page.

And just to show it’s not all about computers and code here at Gloucestershire Web Designs, here’s our chief technician cleaning out the fridge ready for ‘Zero Waste Week‘ courtesy of embedded Instagram video.

Click anywhere on the video to play!

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