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How to get to the top of Google; and why you should!

woman wondering how to get to the top of googleEveryone thinks their website should be on the first page of Google.

But have to stopped to think why?

What is the real reason you need to be there?

Of course our egos love it; there’s nothing like knowing you are beating your competitors.

And it makes a great story in the pub; one which leave you feeling proud.

But how important is it to your business to be on that coveted first page?

Here are some figures that might surprise you:

Imagine you’ve typed in a search term for something you are looking for. A restaurant in Chester, perhaps.

  • The number one site on the first page of Google will get an impressive 42% of the clicks
  • The number two site will get a startlingly low 12% of clicks
  • The number three site will get miserly 8% of clicks and so on.

What you want more?

Ok then:

  • The number four site will get 6% of clicks
  • The number five site will get 5% of clicks
  • The number six site will get 4% of clicks
  • The number seven site will get just 3% of clicks
  • And the remaining clicks will be spread between site number eight and beyond…

Now, if anyone promises to get your website onto that front page of Google, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

They are probably going to employ lots of ‘black hat’ techniques that could benefit your site short term, but drastically damage or penalise your site AND business long term.

And remember that everyone’s search engine results pages will be different depending on location, browser, whether you’re signed in or not and your past browsing habits.

However, there are many ‘white hat’ techniques that can help improve your site’s visibility and its chances of appearing on that much-needed first page of Google. Check out our blog posts on the SEO secrets you need to know.

What is the next step you could take to getting your site on the first page of the search engine results pages?

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