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Gloucestershire web designs featured in Bea magazine!

rachelle-strauss-gloucestershire-web-designsI don’t know about you, but I love to people watch.

Stick me on chair at a pavement cafe and I’ll happily watch the world go by.

I love observing how people interact, their body language, how life affects them moment by moment and even though sitting outside is the last place I’ll be in this biting wind, the internet gives us many opportunities to people watch from the comfort of our screens…

One of my particular loves is interviews with ‘real people’. I’m not saying that celebrities aren’t ‘real’ people, but I’m interested in people with bits of their lives I can relate to such as working mothers (we all want tips on manifesting more hours in the day, right?!), creatives (hands up who wants to find more left / right brain balance?), people who want to make a difference in the world (High Five to all that do).

Back in October 2012, I responded to Keris Stainton who tweeted that she was looking to “speak with women who love their jobs!”

I didn’t know whether someone who worked for themselves fitted the bill; but it seems I did!

Keris is editor of an online women’s magazine called “Bea” (named after the late actress, Bea Arthur)

Unlike many of the glossy magazines, Bea doesn’t tell you you’re not pretty enough or thin enough or that your toenails aren’t white enough or that you should feel ashamed if you eat cereal for dinner.

It’s a magazine that focuses on acceptance, sharing, anti-bitching, intelligence, all sorts of culture, truth-telling, mutual support, celebrating success and keeping it real.

After a lifetime of reading women’s glossy magazines, Keris decided to stand up and make a difference!

The result of Keris’ interview with me is “Working Women: Rachelle Strauss“where I was able to share about my work here at Gloucestershire Web Designs, what an average day looks like and my loves and dislikes about working for myself.

Check out some of the other women she has interviewed  – Beryl Kingston is a published writer who has notched up an astonishing 23 novels to her name and Debbie Young who works for an organisation called Readathon which encourages children to read for pleasure.

Go and take a look at Bea and Bea Inspired!

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