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Gloucestershire web designs recommends WPEngine!

wp-engine server host Gloucestershire web designsMany websites are built on shared hosting. Here at Gloucestershire Web Designs, our base level websites are all built on a semi-dedicated web server situated in London UK. Even with fast caching and optimisation, there is no comparison with the super-fast WPEngine server option we offer all our clients at a small extra.

WPEngine is a dedicated WordPress hosting company that has focused all the hardware and infrastructure to suit the WordPress code base. Aggressive caching, intensive optimisation and sophisticated content delivery networks ensure superb page load times and reliability.

A good server host is not all about speed though. WPEngine provides automated daily backups, ridged security and unparalleled support for the WordPress framework. They even have a list of disallowed plugins that are known to cause problems with speed or security and provide a staging area for testing code and design before transferring over to a production site.

A good server comes at a cost, but at Gloucestershire Web Designs we are convinced that a small extra price provides many large extra benefits to any website that needs superior performance over the ordinary. Because so many server administration tasks are already provided for by WPEngine, we can offer a very competitive price for site management to our customers.

If you need to move up to the next level of website performance, contact us for advice and information about site migration and administration.

  1. Hey Folks!

    Thanks for repping for WP Engine 🙂 With our UK servers, we have placed a high priority on serving international firms and customers, and since one of our founders is from London, we love our British customers 🙂

    If we can help you all out in any way, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line:

    -Austin Gunter
    Content + Community at WP Engine

  2. Hi Austin, thanks for the comment and heads up on UK service from WPEngine. We are happy to fly the flag for your services. WPEngine puts WordPress in a higher class of user accessibility and this is good for us at GWD as well as the clients we serve.
    Keep up the Great work!

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