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D: Dogs; why Google is like a dog

gloucestershire web design google loveWelcome to Day 4 of the Gloucestershire web design A-Z blogging challenge.

Today we’re on letter D and I want to talk about dogs.

What does this have to do with building WordPress websites, offering SEO, social media and blogging? More than you might think!

Here at Gloucestershire web design, we build great websites, but having a great website is not enough if you want to generate leads.

Stylish and functional websites are perfect for portfolio websites, where you want your online presence to be an extension of your business card or brochure, but if you’re looking for Google love, to climb the search engine results and create a loyal following to your site you need to train Google a bit!

And you can with some really simple ideas once you know how Google works.

It’s ok, I’m not going to claim to be an expert or a guru, because the truth is NOBODY knows how Google works (and if anyone tells you otherwise, run a mile!)

But I do know this:

Google needs training, just like a new puppy.

It needs to be trained to visit your site and have a look around.

What’s the best way to get a dog to come to you in the early stages of training?

With food!

Food to Google is content.

And the easy way to generate site content is with regular and frequent blogging.

Google will soon get in the habit of visiting your site when it thinks there will be something to eat new to look at.

If you blog once a month, Google will eventually get the message it needs to visit once a month.

If you blog once a week, Google will come crawling around once a week.

But if you blog once a day for a fortnight, then once in the next three months, then weekly for a month and then do nothing for a few weeks you’re not going to get consistent results or visits.

Here at Gloucestershire web design, we can ensure Google knows every time you post a new piece of content, but unless you’re delivering that content you won’t get much interest.

Just like a puppy…

What about you? Are you ready to learn the tricks of training Google to become your loyal companion? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Gloucestershire Web Design or call us on local rate: 0845 45 99 100.

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