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J: Jokes and quotes: how to get a retweet on Twitter

how to get a retweet gloucestershire web designWelcome to Day 10 of the Gloucestershire web design A-Z blogging challenge.

We’re talking about the letter J already and I want to tell you how to get a retweet on your business Twitter account.

A retweet is when you re-publish something another Twitter user has written, to spread the word among your own Twitter followers.  It begins with RT @tweetersnamehere

You can immediately see how valuable this could be to your brand when someone else retweets YOUR content can’t you?

The more retweets your content gets, the more people see what you are talking about and the more chances you have of gaining new, loyal followers.

So what is it that makes a good tweet? What makes someone else feel compelled to ReTweet your content to their followers?

Put simply, your audience want you to engage with them, inspire them, educate them and be helpful and friendly. If you help them reach their goals or solve a problem for them you’re going to get places.

How to get a retweet on Twitter

Jokes and quotes

Going back to jokes and quotes, did you know that quotes are the number one retweeted content on Twitter!? People love to be inspired and they like to be entertained. Clever quotes go down well and best of all are ones that make people feel something – try and make people laugh or cry with a well chosen quote that is either appropriate to your niche or sums up the way you feel in the moment.


People love a competition, especially if its easy to enter. And one of the best ways for you to get ReTweets is to suggest that people should Retweet your content in order to enter the competition. Simple and effective!


Humans are visually compelled. By sharing an image – be it a beautiful sunset, a cute cat or something funny you’ll increase your chances of getting that all important Retweet.


Have you got a great tip that can help your readers save money, time or improve their health or wealth? Actionable tips that can be done straight away make for great viral content.


Have you read a great blog post and have something helpful to add? Tweet the author and let them know your thoughts; they might just Retweet you!

Questions, questions

People love to give their thoughts and opinions on things. By asking a question that requires more than a yes or no answer you might find they answer your question then ReTweet it to their followers to keep the conversation flowing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with solving your own problems too; people LOVE to help others!


Do you have an event coming up? A national awareness day? An anniversary? We all love to celebrate and join in with one another, so share your news and encourage others to help you promote it.

What about you? Do you have a loyal and engaged following on Twitter? If you want more followers or want to know how to make your Twitter account work for you, contact Gloucestershire Web Designs or call us on local rate: 0845 45 99 100 to see how we can help you.

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