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How to increase blog traffic

how to increase blog traffic on your websiteAre you eager to increase blog traffic? Are you getting the interaction you want? Are your clients reading your blog and getting engaged with your content?

If not, here are some tweaks you can do to take your blog from awful to awesome!

Increase blog traffic

Business owners often make the mistake of not letting their true, authentic selves shine through on their blogs. What attracts people to your blog and keep visiting is YOUR energy, YOUR voice, YOUR unique expression. Don’t be afraid to sound human, be fallible and have some fun. If all you do is reproduce press releases you’re not going to increase blog traffic.

It’s all about them

Once you’re sharing authentically, don’t fall into the trap of making your blog all about your products and services. Your content needs to be compelling, helpful, inspiring and supportive. Every time someone reads your blog they want to know what’s in it for them. So always ask yourself how you can help or support your readers when you write.

Show up!

Show up consistently. If you have lots of time and are a prolific writer then you can write several blog posts a week. If you are lacking in time you can still blog, but less often. Make sure you pick an achievable goal and then STICK TO IT. For example post once a week on the same day so your readers know what to expect from you.

Know your readers

Who are your readers? How old are they? Are they male or female? Are they the decision makers? How much disposable income do they have? What magazines and newspapers do they read? Where do they hang out? What keeps them awake at night? Unless you know this information you can’t write a useful blog post. Find out who they are then you know what to write and where to promote your content.

Make it simple

When someone visits your website, is it obvious you have a blog? Make sure your blog is linked to from your home page, has useful sidebar navigation such as a search box and categories so readers can find what they are looking for. How easy is it for your readers to interact? Is it simple to leave a comment, opt in then share your content via social networks? Your readers are busy people; do all the work for them so they don’t have to.

Call to action

After reading your blog post, what do you want your readers to do? Make it obvious, TELL them and make it simple for them to take action. If you want interaction in the comments, invite readers to participate by asking them a question. If you want them to opt in to your list make sure your opt in box is at the end of every blog post. If you want them to share your content, make sure the social media sharing icons are visible and ask them to share for you. Don’t expect your readers to second guess you.

What about you – what is your number one tip to increase blog traffic?

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  1. Fab advice! I have bookmarked this post so that I can refer to it. Very wise words, thank you.

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