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P: Protection. How to prevent hacking on your WordPress website

how to prevent hacking gloucestershire web designsWelcome to Day 16 of the Gloucestershire web design A-Z blogging challenge.

We’re on the letter P and today I’m going to talk about protecting your WordPress website from hackers.

There has been a recent attack on thousands of WordPress websites all across the world.

The effects of having your website hacked can be devastating; resulting in frustration, expense and potential loss of business.

Here at Gloucestershire Web Design we utilise the following protocols and advise our clients to do the same:

How to prevent hacking on your WordPress website

WordPress username

The default username for WordPress admin login is ” admin “. This is not advised and you should never use admin as your login.

You should change your username to something unique or personal to you.

WordPress password

Many people have just one password which they use for everything from logging into their email client to online personal banking to Facebook and even their business website.

This is a high security risk, especially if you use something obvious such as your birthday or surname.

The most secure passwords include the following:

  • Eight or more characters
  • A mixture of capital and lower case letters
  • Inclusion of numbers
  • Use of special characters (such as !, &, @ or /)

WordPress plugin

To prevent brute force attack, there are plugins available for WordPress websites, which limit the number of logging in attempts to three.

After three incorrect attempts, your site is locked down. Some plugins will send an immediate email to the site administrator informing them of potential hacking attempts.

Here at Gloucestershire We Designs we advise our clients to use one of these plugins as standard.

Safe hosting

At Gloucestershire  Web Designs we offer our clients a VIP hosting service.  Our managed hosting company only supports WordPress websites and offer 24 hour screening for hacking attempts.

What about you?  Is your website safe and secure? If not, contact Gloucestershire Web Designs or call us on local rate: 0845 45 99 100 to see how we can help you.

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