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How to upload images to WordPress and keep the right orientation

gloucestershire web designs how to upload images to WordPressThis week a client contacted us about images not displaying properly in their blog pages.

She wanted to know how to upload images to WordPress and keep the right orientation.

These images had been taken on an iphone and uploaded to the PC she uses for writing her blog posts.

Portrait images taken with the iphone end up sideways when you download them, so they need to be flipped 90 degrees to get the orientation correct before uploading to your WordPress blog post.

From sideways to upright in two simple steps

The trouble is, if you miss out a couple of crucial steps when transforming the image, they can end up 90 degrees wrong in the other direction when you view that blog post on an ipad or iphone (although on a desktop they can appear correctly!)

*face palm*

So if you’re having an iphone image rotate problem; here’s the simple solution:

How to orientate images properly in WordPress

First, once you’ve flipped the image on your desktop, using whatever imaging software you use, rename the image to something meaningful by using the “Save As” function

Then, REMOVE the exif data before you hit save.

The EXIF data of your images stores all sorts of information, including the orientation i.e. whether your photo should be displayed in vertical or horizontal mode.

It sounds great, but unfortunately different products, browsers and systems haven’t yet figured out a fool-proof way on how to handle these orientation tags on the Internet.

Remove the EXIF data

That’s why my client’s blog post looked perfect on my netbook and desktop but not on the iphone or ipad.

Go ahead and take these two steps – then you can upload your image and it will appear in the right orientation and facing the right way.

gloucestershire web designs how to upload images to WordPress

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  1. I have been looking for this solution for ages!!

    Thank you so much for these tips


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