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Lightning Base web host

Lightning Base web hostOver the last few months we have been using Lightning Base web host for some of our websites. Nothing wrong with our current host wpengine, but 2 eggs in the basket is better than one.

Lightning Base LLC started in November 2011, as the brainchild of the founder Chris Piepho. The web host service was released publicly after spending months fine-tuning, testing, and improving the wordpress server setup. Initially, the company was small, providing personalized service (often provided by Chris personally) but prepared to grow. From the beginning, everything’s been setup to handle even very large sites – or thousands of small ones.

A Stable Secure Web Host

Today Lightning Base is a premium quality WordPress centric web host located in Las Vegas US. It also has servers in Frankfurt which makes it especially attractive to European clients who need to adhere to different regulations.

Gloucestershire Web Designs needed was a web host that came up to the mark of all the qualities we have come to expect so that we can offer our clients the best security, speed of delivery and support.

Lightning Base promised and succeeded in providing the best service possible and we can recommend this company with flying colours.

Maybe what sets Lightning base apart from the majority of web hosts is the exceptional support and attention to detail. They offer a number of different services, from full importation of your existing website onto their servers, to solving those tricky technical issues raised by geeky webmasters. Every support ticket is dealt with rapidly, efficiently and in in great detail. You really get the feeling the person at the other end knows exactly what they are talking about and knows how to say it in a clear helpful way.

So what’s in the box?

Lightning Base does have very fast servers that certainly make wordpress websites perform quickly. Here’s what they say on the home page

“Our servers are built with SSD based storage and modern Xeon processors, setup with Varnish, a fast web server stack, and locked down from intruders. Then we add a host of bonuses such as free site transfers, backups, and a truly global CDN. Your site will fly and your time will be saved.”

In our experience over a period of time and pushing the envelope, there’s Nothing to disagree with there!

The bonus services, such as automatic backups of files and database, cloning sites onto a separate sub-site for staging development and CDN are crucial for serious web developers. We also note that the client control panel allows various types of automatic wordpress upgrades, again giving you peace of mind that essential tasks are being attended to.

Some little grumbles?

Nothing is perfect, lightning base does have a few quirks. Mainly in the client control panel area. There’s nothing wrong here, but you do need to get down and dirty to know how to handle some of the routines. The control panel is a hybrid of cPanel and customised management areas. It’s clear a well laid out, but you won’t find many help files. That should not deter you, however. Lightning base provide a most effective support service and what you can’t figure out, they will do for you. Get used to the system and you will quickly gain confidence that this is a most robust and professional service. Highly recommended for WordPress developers and web masters!

The next time you want to host a WordPress website Make a small investment for a big return, use Lightning Base.

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