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O: OMG I LOVE that! Introducing Qualaroo

qualarooWelcome to Day 15 of the Gloucestershire web design A-Z blogging challenge.

We’re up to letter O and I feel an OMG moment coming on!

Have you ever browsed a website and found a fantastic feature you’d never come across before?

We all know about contact forms, social media sharing and commenting systems but there are other features that can take your WordPress website from ordinary to extraordinary.

Today I’m going to share one of my favourites:


Qualaroo is a fantastic way to up the ante on your customer service, garner opinions or run short surveys on your site.

You can use it for a compelling Call to Action, to instigate Live Chat and there is a ‘nudge’ facility which is a personalised prompt at the end of a survey that encourages an action such as signing up, trying a feature or becoming a paying customer.

Basically, it’s a small, unobtrusive and interactive widget that appears in the lower–right corner of your page which allows you to survey visitors with simple questions to gain insight into their experience.

Over on Kikolani, Kristi Hines uses Qualaroo to ask her readers what they would like her to blog about. She says

What specific topics would you like to see covered on Kikolani? Include your Twitter handle to be mentioned if I use your idea!

StartUp marketing use Qualaroo to build their Twitter following. They say:

For more startup marketing content, please follow me on Twitter.

A direct link to their Twitter page is underneath for readers to click on.

qualaroo nudge


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