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S: SEO – Three simple rules for SEO

rules for seo gloucestershire web designWelcome to Day 19 of the Gloucestershire web design A-Z blogging challenge.

Today we’re on the letter S and what better topic to discuss than the holy grail of SEO!?

SEO can be a minefield, designed to confuse anyone but the experts. But I’m a firm believer it doesn’t need to be that way.

With a few tips and tricks and some insider knowledge you’ll soon have your website climbing the  Google ranks towards the coveted top spot.

SEO knowledge isn’t reserved for the privileged few; anyone can learn how to do it, and it’s pretty straight forward once you learn.

Here are three simple rules for SEO to get you started!

Simple rules for SEO

Slow and steady wins the race

Take one SEO rule, understand it, and implement it before moving onto the next.

How many times do you read great information but never take action on it then throw your hands up and say “This doesn’t work”!?

I know I’m guilty too.

With SEO you need to follow the steps so you really understand what you are doing and can see which aspects of SEO work best for you.

Niche your blog content

Google is stupid. Yes, you read that right; but think about it – it’s only a huge, albeit pretty impressive, computer.

It KNOWS nothing; it’s just quick at computing information and regurgitating information in the search engine results pages. So you need to train Google. You need to tell it everything it needs to know such as what your site is about.

But you haven’t got the time, money or energy to teach Google about a dozen different things. So pick a niche and blog regularly about it so Google begins to learn exactly what your site, your product and services are about.

SEO each individual post

Start by SEOing your site, but make sure you SEO each individual blog post too.

Yoast is our preferred SEO plugin at Gloucestershire Web Designs, and it’s available for all WordPress sites.

Yoast allows you to individually SEO each blog post and page on your website by doing a little keyword research then filling in some fields in the admin section.

Read more about how to find keywords for SEO.

What about you? Is SEO still a minefield to you? If you need help getting your site Google friendly contact Gloucestershire Web Designs or call us on local rate: 0845 45 99 100 to see how we can help you.

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