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How to sign in to multiple gmail accounts in 4 simple steps

open-multiple-gmail-accountsIf you have multiple gmail accounts, and let’s face it, many of us do, there is a simple way to sign in to more than one of them at once!

This makes it easier to manage your email at a glance and means you don’t have to keep signing in and out while you work.

You can simply have several gmail accounts open in different tabs and work between them all.

How to set up multiple gmail accounts in four simple steps:


Login to one of your Gmail accounts; this will become your default account for the session.


Click on your name at the top of your account to get the pop out box showing your account details.



Click on ‘Add account’ and a new tab will open inviting you to sign into another account.


Enter your Username and Password in the boxes then hit the blue ‘sign in’ button as usual.


Your multiple gmail accounts will now be open in different tabs and you’re free to toggle between them.

Rinse and repeat if you want to open even more gmail accounts.

Have you tried this method? Does it work for you?

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