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As a busy therapist my website is vital to my business.  I needed someone who could understand my business and concepts. It was also important that I could access my site on a regular basis to add video and written testimonials. 

Rachelle and Richard were extremely supportive, resourceful and patient. They came up with creative ways to display the many testimonials from clients and present this positive feedback in an interesting and vibrant way. I got what I wanted from my website – and more!

I absolutely love my Claire McNulty website – the site reflects my personality, my work and the positive results I achieve with clients.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use House of Strauss again and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a professional and individual website.


Claire McNulty
Claire McNulty
Rachelle was able to quickly get within the mind of our client, creating stimulating content that drove growth.

She handled social engagement enabling us to concentrate on other areas of communications.

I would recommend her to any client.

John Higginson
Higginson PR
Richard was very professional and clear showing an in depth experience and knowledge in the business.

I feel completely happy with the platform that he created and he would be my first port of call for any future projects.

The hosting and subsequent design response and service has been equally outstanding.

Charlie Kinder-Niven
Red Line Land
I have really enjoyed working with Rachelle who helped myEcoCost find its message to the wider world.  

She transformed a very technical presentation of a novel concept into something far more accessible, far more readable and consequently far more enjoyable!  

I find working with people a pleasure when there is a true spirit of collaboration which Rae demonstrated continuously during this project.  

She listened intently to what our product is offering, did a great job in researching the evidence behind our mission and brought a genuine warmth to the message we wanted to create.

Robert Mostyn
As a busy business owner I know that my website is the lifeline to everything, and also the thing that used to cause me the most issues.

That was until I found Richard and Rachelle at House Of Strauss.

Their professionalism and care to both the websites and their customers means stress free lives for all of us. I cant recommend them and their services highly enough. Thank you guys

David Ralph
Join Up Dots
I have known Rachelle since 2014 when we started to work together on the Rubbish Diet.  We invited Rachelle to join our team because of her well-known blog Zero Waste Week and her excellent social media skills.  She worked with us for eighteen months, building us a strong social media base.

Rachelle managed social media for our team,   building the Rubbish Diet voice and brand through regular website posts, Facebook posts and tweets.    She organised the comms schedule well in advance so we had time to review and input - vital as we were finding our feet with an innovative project funded.   She patiently taught us how to use social media, and how website posts fitted with Facebook and Twitter, as this was all new to most of our team.

Rachelle is highly skilled.  She writes well, getting messages across clearly and with humour.    She is very well organised and responds rapidly to questions, and sorts things out promptly if they need sorting.  She knows how to engage people, as demonstrated in her work for us which brought us our first 1,000 Facebook likes and by her own Zero Waste Week following -  where her Zero Waste Heroes group has now topped 6,700.

Katy Anderson
The Rubbish Diet
Rachelle is an online genius when it comes to PR and promotion.  She has been coaching me in Facebook and taking complete responsibility for Twitter.  In the first two weeks of launching on Twitter she had gained me almost 300 followers.

She knows just how and when and what to promote and has amplified my promotion through clever connections with wider public themes and campaigns.  This has resulted in significant press interest I wouldn’t otherwise have benefitted from.

Rachelle has an incredible knack for cutting through the crap and getting right to the heart of the matter; bringing huge clarity to every situation I have ever brought to her.

I can highly recommend Rachelle to anyone looking for support developing brand awareness and looking to make use of social media and the wider web to promote their business. She's an invaluable ally - especially at times of crisis!

Cheryl Barnes
Cosmic Teapot
I just wanted to say a belated thank you to both for looking after and developing the justusmortgages site over the last (few!?) years.

It's been much appreciated and you have been reliable, honest, friendly, informed and contactable - all of which are not traits demonstrable across your industry.

Dominic Hennessy
Just Us Mortgages
I had been desiring to initiate a website for my new company and I interviewed many designers but was not reassured.  For someone who has not studied web design, I was worried that I could not orient the designer in the best possible way and I was not sure I would be so happy with the end result.

I got some wonderful references for the House of Strauss and when I talked with Richard, I was certain I wanted to do this project with them.

Because I am based in Istanbul and I did not travel to London on an often basis, we conducted our meetings through Skype and continued our communication via e-mail messages.

They worked very professionally, efficiently,  kindly,  and patiently with me despite the distance that separated us. I must confess that I am proud to receive many compliments by viewers.  It is very dynamic, to the point, user friendly and the design is just perfect.   

A website could be considered as a window that allows the viewers to get a first impression about a company and in our era, it has become the most necessary and powerful tool that allows a company to reach innumerable people on a universal level.  I would like to thank Rachelle and Richard for their valuable service and design and I would recommend them to everyone that are in quest of a prestigious website  and of high quality.

Billur Tansel
Open Dialogue Istanbul
In all my working life I have never come across someone who is so perfectly able to understand and interpret a copywriting brief (and I've worked with lots!).

Rae has a sixth sense for what I want to say, in fact she seems to know it better than I do!

In terms of value for money, Rae's service is outstanding as we never waste time emailing copy edits back and forth;  Rae takes the brief and a short while later the 99% perfect copy arrives in my inbox, I  make some very minor tweaks and publish.

To someone like me who is completely swamped with the day-to-day of running a business, but acutely aware of the importance of great quality brand content, Rae is a completely indispensable team member. 

Sarah Greenaway



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