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I had been put in touch with Gloucestershire web designs via a contact after having initially spent quite a bit of money on a site which was inadequate and too amateur for the business image I was trying to create. Rae and Richard spent real time thinking about how they could establish and develop our unique look and feel onto a web format, whilst keeping loyal to the illustrations which we had set on using for our corporate branding. What they came up with was very elegant and sophisticated as well as well designed. They were very diligent and patient. Still being relatively new to the process, it was a huge learning curve for us which meant that things were constantly evolving and developing which made there job quite a difficult one.   At all times they were responsive and accommodating which is exactly what one is looking for when undertaking this kind of work. Since the initial template was created Rae and Richard have continued  to support Make Me Fabulous UK in updating and developing our web presence. We continue to receive very positive feedback on the look and feel of our site and this is all down to Rae and Richards skill and expertise.

Camilla Janes
Make Me Fabulous
Rae is like a beacon of brightness; I feel illuminated in her presence. She is singularly and powerfully honest in her work and filled with integrity at the highest level. She is quite ruthless when it comes to pinning me down which is just what I need to keep me focused! Rae creates a space for those she works with to feel safe, held and rigorously challenged to find their way of out overwhelm. She is able to pinpoint the necessary task quickly whilst tackling it with a sense of joy and freedom. Rae has the knack of relating to many different types of people, figuring out who they are and what they need so they can become their best.


Susie Evans
In-Tuition Hub
Rae really tuned into me and my business, gave me a lot of encouragement and good ideas which I am gradually implementing. I felt able to say what I wanted without feeling I needed to modify anything at all.

Sally Mittuch
Natural Spa Supplies
Rae was a Godsend at helping me get to grips with putting myself out there. Not only did she get me my first exposure to Newspapers she taught me how to focus my SEO and get more traffic to my site. I am sure that the success of Tale Time is in part due to her work.


Vicky Parsons
Tale Time Stories
Rae is one of the most intuitive people I have ever had the pleasure to meet! She has a real gift for listening - and really hearing - what I was saying. She accurately reflected back to me not only what I thought I wanted, but also what I needed. Her sensitive interpretation of my requirements led me to decide to work with her.

After speaking to a number of different website designers, dealing with Rae was a real breath of fresh air.

Rae is a real expert in SEO and I had the pleasure of experiencing a one-to-one training session with her which was of huge benefit in terms of understanding this complex subject. Rae believes in teaching you to fish and I was quickly thrown in the deep end and writing blog posts within the first hour. For anyone who wants to do their own SEO Rae is a wonderful teacher. Even better - employ Rae to do this for you instead!


Julie Bryant
Naked Dragon
I'm very happy with the service and quality of thinking that went into building my website.  Rae Was incredibly helpful and professional and I will definitely work with her again


James Averdieck
Whilst the web and SEO are hardly new industry, the search for an appropriate partner is challenging, with few barometers to use as a yardstick of performance and value for money. In my experience most business relationships in this field end in disappointment.

Whilst it remains early days I feel I have found with Rae a professionally mature, knowledgeable and authentic partner for our web strategy. She also controls deadlines with a deft touch and challenges when appropriate. This strikes a very real difference to previous, more wild west approaches. I am looking forward to working with my secret find in 2013. Do not tell your friends.

Dominic Hennessy
Just Us Mortgages
Before meeting Gloucestershire web designs, my Twitter list was non existent. After having Rae be on board just 10 weeks, she built my list up to about 300 followers! She is hard working and certainly somebody I would recommend to work with time and time again. If you are thinking about working with her, don’t think any more and just do it!


Marina Pearson
Divorce Shift
Rae is my website angel and guru who offers an extraordinary service with great insight and experience. She is intuitive, professional and speaks in a language even my technophobe mind understands! Rae delivers on brand, on time and with love every time.
Hire Rae to take care of your website or social media; you couldn't be in better hands -
No hassle, no bother and quite simply fantastic results. I would highly recommend.



Michelle Zelli



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