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Why I use WordPress

My journey in web design and build began in 1999 when I built my first website using MS Publisher! Ha, it was a laugh and great fun to do. We still have the old files on our archives. It was not long before the html bug really took hold and I was building websites all the time just for the fun of it and to learn how to manipulate code.

After a further year or so I came across a CMS called XOOPS and soon became actively involved building sites and taking part in the development and community activity. There was something not quite right with XOOPS as it was then. Too clunky, complicated and very ugly.

Later I was part of a team effort to trial and evaluate a whole range of open source CMS and blogging systems, including those on PHP and Java platforms. It became very clear from these trials and evaluations that WordPress was by far the best system for a variety of reasons.

  • The easiest to set up and administrate
  • The best, cleanest user interface
  • constantly been updated, and improved by developers and community
  • greatest scope of third party add-ons and extras
  • best design and theming archtecture
  • most secure and locked down system
  • huge range of features, for accomplishing advanced functions on the web
  • great support community from both developers and third party users.

From that time, I have always use WordPress and I am convinced that it will continue to be the clear leader in web design and development.

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