How to advertise your business for free

Yes you’ve got a great business; I know that and you know that.

But you need great clients too.

While traditional advertising can be expensive and direct mail can be hit or miss, there are plenty of ways to advertise your business for free.
Here are six of them!

Host an event

Invite current clients, potential business leads and a handful of journalists to your event.

You could promote a tour of your new offices, offer a class in something you are passionate about or invite people for a ‘hands on’ taster session.

Provide an informal atmosphere, some nibbles and a great event and you’ll find people are doing your promotion for you!


Your business blog is a wonderful asset, so use it to its full potential.

Share your latest news, hints and tips along with useful and entertaining information.

Connect with other bloggers too by hosting competitions, writing reviews and offering guest posts. This helps you reach a wider online audience.


Most people groan when they think of networking, but not all events are created equal!

Some are much more laid back and informal and dare I say it; fun!

Seek speaking opportunities too. Try your local Chamber of Commerce, networking groups or larger industry exhibitions and trade fairs.

Tell your story

Everyone loves a story and journalists are on the look out for them all the time.

If you’ve just opened a new shop, won an award or are running a fantastic promotion, write a press release and send it to targeted journalists.

Make your story compelling, entertaining or controversial to jump to the top of their inbox.

Social Media

Social Media is big business and it’s growing all the time.

if you’re not using it, you can bet your competitors will be and they’ll be talking to YOUR potential clients!

Stick to one or two channels such as Facebook and Twitter to start with and build up your social media channels as your confidence grows.


Local radio love to support local businesses, so get to know your hosts.

If you’re sending out a press release, send it to your local radio station too.

If you prove to be a captivating guest, you might be invited back for a regular ‘ask the expert’ slot.

What about you – How do you advertise your business for free?

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