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gloucestershire-web-designs-automation-toolsWelcome to the first day of the Gloucestershire Web Designs A-Z challenge!

We’re all signed up and throughout April, we’ll be working with over 1500 other bloggers to produce blog content every day. Each day we focus on a letter of the alphabet and we’re starting right at the beginning with A.

The A-Z blogging challenge is the brainchild of Arlee Bird, who lives in the Los Angeles area. Arlee describes himself as a juggler of words and phrases. He blogs about anything from entertainment to economics, world affairs to words of wisdom over at Tossing It Out.

So here goes with the letter A – Automation tools for your business!

One of the questions I’m frequently asked by small business owners is how they can find time to blog and run their social media channels.

Most of the people we work with at Gloucestershire Web Designs are people just like you – small business owners with a BIG workload!

We design websites for creatives, solo preneurs, work-at-home mothers, people looking to take their hobby and turn it into a business and other small business owners who want to step up their web presence. It’s great being your own boss but more often than not, items such as blogging and social media get pushed way down the ‘to do’ list!

Here is where simple automation tools can be helpful.

Used with caution and some sensible rules in place, automating your social media channels can reduce your workload considerably.

Here are three ways to automate some of your social media presence:

Schedule blog posts

I don’t know about you, but my creativity for writing comes in waves. It also waxes and wanes depending on what else I have to do.

When the crest of a creative wave comes I stand up, get on my metaphorical surf board and stay on until the wave crashes to the shore!

It might be that I write four blog posts in an afternoon and then I schedule them to post over the next few weeks.

Schedule Facebook updates

It’s important you respond to and answer your facebook fans in ‘real time’ but there is no problem with scheduling Facebook wall posts.

Facebook has its own interface that makes this simple to do.

Just write your post and schedule it for a particular date – simple!

Automation tools for twitter

Social Oomph is one of my favourite tools for scheduling Tweets. You simply write your tweet then schedule them for the exact date and time you want to.

The beauty of this is you can get infront of audiences across a wide range of time zones.

It also means, if you like to do your tasks in batches, you can spend a couple of hours banking up Tweets to send out over the next month.

What about you – what tools do you use to automate your blogging and social media?

Do you need tips and tricks for getting more productive and less stressed with your business workload? Contact Gloucestershire web designs today to arrange your clarity consultancy call or call us at local rate – 0845 45 99 100!

Rachelle Strauss

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  1. I did not we can also scheduled facebook updates. That is cool, I might do that just to get people wondering I stayed awake all night and ignore everyone who what to chat ;) Thank you Rae for visiting nutty bean, it must be morning and about in the UK now, while us here in the far east is winding down. Have a great week ahead then, AF.

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