Different builds for
different clients

We offer two types of builds for clients with different needs:

1- Fully managed design, build and maintenance aftercare.


2- Assisted design and build with the option to maintain your own site.

What does all this mean for you and your website?


We have found that the best outcomes are always when we have full control over the design, structure and maintenance of the website.
Our years of experience and daily involvement in the world wide web ensures that we are fully cognoscente of the best aspects of design, functionality and all the supporting dependencies that make a website successful. It's a complicated task building a website and we lament the recent encroachment of quick self build companies advertising the "instant, easy, simple drag and drop route to a perfect website"
You've probably seen the ads on TV and Youtube.
Many of our clients have come to us after the dismal disappointment of spending time, money and effort trying to build a website themselves, only to find it fails in fulfilling their expectations. Some have even lost domain names, because they never registered the name themselves and now have no legal claim to get it back.
In almost every case where clients have steered the design and build in their own direction against our advice, we have run into design and functionality issues, poor search engine optimisation, slow running sites, or costly bills due to unnecessary revisions.
This is not surprising, because the layman has little or no experience in web design. it requires many skills to get the requirements of design, function, accessibility, performance and search engine optimisation in a symbiotic balance that is  both robust and secure.
However, we recognise and respect your choice to engage us to build your site and then take over the full running and maintenance of it after public launch. We will also offer training to help you on your way
We offer you two build options. One condition we require is that all website builds are carried out on our WordPress servers. If you opt to take over the site running after public launch we will make a seamless transfer to your own account on WPEngine Hosting. This ensures a perfect transfer, with no downtime.
If you prefer to export the site to a different hosting company, we can arrange this. Site transfer to either WPEngine or your own hosting company costs £150.
We should advise you that once your site is on your own account, or transferred to another hosting company, you are no longer covered by our maintenance package, which means we longer maintain, repair or modify the site in any way without levying charges. We are however happy to continue maintaining the site if you wish, which maybe an advantage for you, as we know exactly how the build has been constructed.




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