Why we enjoy being treated like idiots!

This week a client contacted us highlighting a problem with his site.

It took two hours of back and forth emails before we finally understood what the REAL problem was.

He was unable to define it clearly, we didn’t ask the right questions, so we didn’t have the information we needed to resolve the issue.

We were ALL becoming understandably frustrated.

So we invited him to TREAT US LIKE IDIOTS ( we hope that’s PC).

And guess what happened?

The issue was resolved in ten minutes.

In all areas of our lives we make assumptions and one of the biggest assumptions we make is that other people think like us and can read our mind.

Whilst mind reading happens sometimes here at Gloucestershire Web Designs, it’s definitely something we need to improve, so in the meantime here are three simple ways you can help us to help you.


“My website isn’t working” isn’t helpful information; it’s a poorly defined problem

However “When I click on <insert the URL> I’m getting an error message which says <copy and paste of the error message>. This occurs when I’m using Internet Explorer, but it’s fine when I’m using Firefox.” is MUCH better. It gives us specifics to work with and means we can start work straight away.

We LOVE screenshots too – if you can attach one and send it, so much the better!


By telling us that one particular page of one particular website doesn’t work in Internet Explorer but DOES in Firefox, we can narrow down on how we reproduce the problem. This helps us define the scope of the problem too from which we can get some pretty important conclusions.

For example, we should be able to define whether this is only affecting the client’s computer or whether it’s on all computers. We can see if it’s happening on mobile devices or only desk tops. We can also determine whether it’s an intermittent problem or a continual one.


If you can tell us exactly when an issue started, we can look at others things that might have changed and start to narrow down the probable cause. We might discover you’ve just bought a new laptop, had a new Internet connection or tried a new browser. Or it might be that we were doing some maintenance on the server, a password has changed or an update has been made.

If you think like a storyteller we can help resolve issues much more quickly. So tell us the

WHO – Which specific page(s) on your site are you referring too
WHAT  – Tell us the issue, in details, preferably with a screenshot
WHEN – When did the issue start
WHERE – Does this happen on just your desktop or on your mobile device? Does it happen on just one browser or more than one? Have friends tried it out for you; what result did they get?
WHY – How is the issue impacting your business?
HOW – Did anything else change at the same time the issue started?

We’d love to hear your stories; have you received particularly good or bad service when trying to resolve an issue?

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