One tiny step that can make your business stand out

I was recently talking to a new client who’s website we’re now maintaining and managing.

She was aware that some of her information was at least two years out of date.

She said “I’d rather have NO information on my site than out of date information.”

She’s got a point hasn’t she?

Especially when you consider what impression it gives your potential customers if your website looks unloved and uncared for.

Whether we like it or not, first impressions count.

And you’ve got about 5 seconds to make a great impression when someone visits your site.

If they’re looking for up to date information and all you can offer is something from the last century, it’s not going to instil confidence!

Social media is similar.

Social media is SO fast paced (350,000 tweets per minute and counting!) that you need to be seen to be up to date, relevant and engaging to stay in the game.

One simple way to do this is to refresh your cover images to make sure they’re in alignment with your branding, latest special offer or the current season.

We’ve recently been working on a brand refresh with our client, Michelle. And this week we bought her Facebook banner in alignment with her new branding.

We went from this:

facebook banner before

To this:

facebook banner after

The former image – although giving a flavour for her work – wasn’t really doing much to promote her brand.

Now she has an elegant, chic look that is instantly recognisable and gives visitors a taste of her values. It’s very clean and minimalist.

Is your social media image working for you? If it could do with a refresh, call us today.

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