Gloucestershire web designs take the Blogging from A-Z challenge!

gloucestershire-web-designs-a-z-blogging-challengeThis week I came across a fantastic idea called the Blogging from A-Z challenge.

The idea is that every day throughout April (you get Sundays off) you write a blog post and work your way consecutively through the alphabet.

On day one you write about something applicable to your niche beginning with letter A. On day two you write about a topic in your niche that starts with the letter B and so on until you reach Z.

Simple right?

And fun too!

But most importantly, it’s a great way to keep yourself accountable.

Not to mention a fabulous opportunity to meet new bloggers and learn something new. With over 1500 people taking part this is your chance to forge some great relationships with people you might never have met before.

It also gives you the perfect platform to hone your comment writing skills. Every blogger loves a constructive, educational or interesting comment and by leaving helpful comments you can create interest in your own site.

It’s a win-win!

Here at Gloucestershire Web Designs, I’ll admit I give people advice about blogging frequently, but I seldom take that advice myself. So here’s my chance to practice what I preach and get on board with rolling my sleeves up daily at the keyboard.

What about you; could you write every day for 26 days?

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