How to increase productivity

Most of our clients are busy solopreneurs such as mothers who are juggling running a home with running a business, creative people single-handedly running a small business or those who are looking to step up and take their brand to the next level.

There are only so many hours in a day, so today we’re sharing how to increase productivity while REDUCING stress!

Get up an hour earlier!

Ok, night birds will be groaning at this one, but if you’re a lark it’s a simple no-brainer.

My most productive time is first things in the morning before anybody else is up.

The office is quiet, nobody will be calling on the business line and my mobile will be blissfully silent.

On a good day I can get a good couple of hours work done in 60 minutes by focusing and working without distraction.

Could you set your alarm an hour earlier and benefit from a head start?

5 minutes planning

Take 5 minutes at the beginning and end of your day to plan.

The evening is the best time to write your ‘to do’ list for the following day.

The mornings are more fun – that’s where you can sit for five minutes in the quiet and visualise your day. What’s on your agenda? How do you want to feel? What qualities do you need today?

Close your eyes and focus on having the perfect day – see yourself moving easily and effortlessly through your tasks, smiling as you meet clients and allow the feelings of a successful day to manifest into reality!

To do list

A badly managed to do list is useless at best and a burden at worst.

A badly managed to do list is a long, overwhelming list of random things that sucks your energy just thinking about it and makes your heart sink when you look at it.

Conversely, a well managed to do list is something you should never be without! It helps relieve stress because you no longer have to hold information in your mind and worry you’ll forget something important.

Your to do list should never have more than three things on it: Choose the most important tasks, those things you really must get done and leave the rest on your ‘master to do’ list for another day.

This will keep your focused and motivated instead of frustrated and stuck.

Night preparation

What can you do the night before to ensure your mornings run smoothly?

If you’ve got children do they need bags packed, uniforms laid out, lunches made?

And what about you – do you need specific clothes for a meeting, a list of telephone numbers to ring in the morning or directions for meeting a client?

Do as much as you can the evening before so you start your day feeling energised and in control.

Prioritise you

When you’re running your own business it’s tempting to think you need to work an 80 hour week to keep afloat. But if you do your business is not sustainable.

YOU are the most important asset to your brand, so take care of that asset!

Ask yourself “What are the little things that make me feel good and keep me healthy?”

Make time to eat properly (no grabbing a sandwich at your desk or worse still, working through lunch!), take time to exercise – a ten minute stroll during the day can energise your mind and put you in a better mood, take a few minutes to listen to your favourite uplifting piece of music or listen to an inspiring TED Talk and every so often book yourself a night out with great friends or have a massage!

It may feel counter productive to take time out of your busy day, but think about it – if you burn out, you have no business…

What about you? How do you increase your productivity and achieve a work / life balance?

Rachelle Strauss

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