H is for hangouts: how to use Google Hangouts to promote your business

gloucestershire-web-designs-how-to-use-google-hangoutsWelcome to Day 8 of the Gloucestershire web design A-Z blogging challenge.

We’re on letter H today and I want to talk to you about Google Hangouts.

Yesterday I mentioned Google Hangouts as a great free way to market your business on Google; where you can video chat with up to nine other people.

You can use a Google Hangout in many ways to promote your business and today I’m sharing eight of them.

How to use google hangouts to promote your business

Customer service

Provide added value customer service with a Google Hangout where you can meet your customer face to face. Google Hangouts allows you to share your screen and collaborate in Google Docs so it’s a great way to work together towards a goal and troubleshoot.


Webinars are an excellent way to give potential clients a taster of your work. You could offer a free hour sharing tips and advice or share news about some new products and services.

Ask the expert

Become an authority in your niche by hosting an ‘Ask the expert’ Hangout. This is a fantastic way to build relationships, show you are trustworthy and helps create a loyal following for your brand.


People do business with people, NOT businesses. Your clients want to know about you, so give them the opportunity to ask all those questions they have about you as an individual as well as your business.

Consultancy and coaching

Coaching and consultancy can be done over the phone or in person, and for those who like to see the face behind the name but can’t physically get to you a Hangout provides the perfect option for a more personalised way to communicate.

Market research

Do you have some ideas about a new product or service? Run a Google Hangout and do some free market research with your audience. People love to be asked their opinion and you’ll show up as a person who cares.

Panel discussion

Moderate a panel discussion with delegates from around the world. You can stream your hangout publicly on Google+, your YouTube channel, and your website.

Stream a conference

If you’re hosting a conference you can literally share it with the world in real time with live Hangout on Air. You can also record it to your YouTube channel for people to watch at a later date. You don’t need special software for this; every Hangout On Air is automatically saved to your YouTube account.

Have you used Google Hangouts to promote your business? Or are you looking for other ways to market yourself? Contact Gloucestershire Web Designs or call us on local rate: 0845 45 99 100 to see how we can help you.

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1 thought on “H is for hangouts: how to use Google Hangouts to promote your business”

  1. Thanks for your post on Google Hangout.

    I want to redesign our website and would like to meet with a designer or two preferably via Google Hangout to collaborate and discuss the possible design options and elements I’m thinking about.

    During this time I will show the designer the existing site and some samples of a existing site I like. Together we will collaborate to determine the best layout for my new site. I will round up all time to the nearest hour.

    If this goes well, I may then hire the designer for the actual design work.

    Would you be interested in doing this?


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