How we build Web sites with great Google ranking

Google wants a great user experience

We have written recently that Google search engine focuses on giving its customers a great user experience. That means when you go to a search result you need to find exactly what you were looking for from your search terms.  When you find that web perfect source of information from your first hit, Google knows it by how many other sites you looked at before hand, bounced off and returned to the search results. If it was your first hit and you spent time on the website, Google records that visit data as part of assessing the quality of that web site. When more and more searchers do the same thing, that website begins to be recognised as an authority in that particular information package. All that goes to provide better Google Ranking for that web site.

How we build Web sites with great Google ranking

The internet is full of business sites all trying to get that prime first position on the internet super highway. It’s a competitive market and many companies make huge investments into gaining and maintaining a high search engine ranking (SERPS) It’s a complex business and our aim is to find out exactly how to reach your target audience and place your website as high as possible in Google’s results. Many of our websites come on the first page in Google for important search terms that represent the client’s business. We do this through a whole raft of technologies and over fourteen years experience building and designing web sites.

Content is king

An effective web site has to convey its key message to a visitor within a few seconds of the page opening! You know that … how many times have you opened a website scanning for that all important piece of information that you searched for. If it’s not easily seen, you bounce back to the search results. It seems like we are all time poor, impatient for information and wanting quick results. How your website performs in that environment is critical for your success in reaching your potential clients and engaging them to a call to action. But what about your branding?

And brand identity

While we scan a web page for information we are always aware of the way it is being presented. Colours, style, graphics, layout, navigation all contribute to how we evaluate the experience. Strong graphics and colours can sometimes contribute, or distract from a good experience. It depends on the message and the mood you want to create in your visitor. Subtle visuals such as colour branding and graphics have a significant effect on our overall experience. These elements can engender and convey recognition, trust, confidence, authority, warmth, excitement and a whole range of other emotional responses.

Gloucestershire Web designs will exceed your expectations

We design websites from the ground up. We examine and analyse your market strategy, your target audience and how to present your voice and message with clarity and precision. It’s more than a webs site, it’s complete process of structuring your mission with well defined objectives and deriving the very best presentation to attract your market.

Find out how we can help achieve great Google Ranking in order to reach your ideal audience on the web.

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