Is your Home Office healthy?

Indoor Allergy Week takes place between 20-26 October 2014.

Many of our clients are solopreneurs who run their business from home.

And it’s really important that your home office is a safe and healthy space to work.

After all, you don’t get paid sick days any more!

One in four people in the UK suffer from allergies to all sorts of things from the house dust mite to chemicals given off by new electronic equipment.

Here are some tips for keeping your home office healthy

House Dust Mite

Forget toxic furniture polish, one of the best ways to dust your surfaces is with a strong solution of cold tea!

Wring out a cloth in the tea and use it to get rid of dust; the tannin in the tea helps kill the house dust mite.

A room temperature of above 25 degrees will encourage house dust mites to grow, so keep the temperature a couple of degrees cooler and throw open a window for five minutes in the morning to improve the air quality of your room.

House plants

Not only do they look great and add some oxygen into the air, but house plants can remove toxins too.

Research by NASA has shown that some house plants are effective in removing harmful substances from the air such as formaldehyde and benzene.

So if you’ve recently decorated your space, bring some plants in to soak up the chemicals from the paint and new furnishings.

Sick Building Syndrome

Do you end each day with a headache, fatigue, irritated eyes or nausea?

You might be suffering from sick building syndrome!

While this usually happens in an open plan office or space with lots of people you can get it at home too!

The NHS suggest keeping windows open, taking regular screen breaks and organising your workload to prevent stress.

What about you? What tips would you share with other home office workers to keep healthy?


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