It’s National Maintenance Week!

I love reading about the national awareness campaigns that take place throughout the year.

You have your more serious themes like cancer awareness months or diabetes campaigns.

But you get your more unique and quirky ones too.

This week is national maintenance week and whilst it’s technically about DIY and doing all those maintenance jobs on your home before the winter, I’m thinking outside the box.

I’m wondering what maintenance your WEBSITE could do with!

Is there anything on your To Do list that you could prioritise this week?

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to set up a Twitter account and start the ball rolling with social media.

Maybe you’ve changed your products and services and your About page needs a re-write.

Or has your business model changed so much you need a complete rebuild so that your site once again reflects who you are and what you offer your clients?

Why not use this  week to comb through your website?

Check the About page reflects who you are, ensure your contact and pricing details are up to date and make sure that blog and social media profiles have been recently updated and look lived in.

Is there something missing? Something out of date? Something that has been annoying you for a few months?

Is it time to do some site maintenance? Contact Me or call me now on local rate: 0845 45 99 100 to put together a maintenance plan for your site.

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