One tiny productivity tip to improve your life

Do you have an overwhelming To Do list?

Do you feel like you’re fire-fighting, rather than ahead of the game?

Perhaps you work hard but don’t feel as though you get much done.

Maybe the urgent always takes over the important.

You probably need focus.

But today’s world is anything BUT focused!

Instead you’re frenetic, frantic, forgetful, frustrated and frazzled.

Emails beep at you.

Cursors blink at you.

Computers ping at you.

And with 24/7 connectivity it’s hard to focus and prioritise on what’s really important.

This is where today’s tiny productivity tip could help.

It’s often the simple things that make the most impact, right?

So stick with me on this one!

It’s all about the Rule of Three.

Each day, BEFORE you check your emails (yes, I’m talking to you), write down your To Do list.

Then here’s where it gets sexy…

Go through your To Do list and objectively select the THREE things, just three, that you want to achieve that day.

The rest of the items on your To Do list can be moved to a master list.

You’ve now got a short, focused To Do list that you can prioritise throughout your day.

That instantly feels better, right?

It gives you room to breathe.

You might even sigh with relief.

Or a smile might appear on your face.

You have S-P-A-C-E in your mind to get stuck in with energy and motivation.

Try it for a week and let me know how you get on.

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