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Premium websites are custom built to give you maximum variations options to create design and functionality to suit your needs. We also extend our full range of extras in the planning stage to include long and short term goals to ensure your website can evolve with you. You have full access to our expert input for critical requirements for Search Engine Optimisation, marketing and content delivery. Custom built sites also give you flexibility to add functionality and integration for extras like full ecommerce shop,  slide show galleries, booking systems, directories, portfolios digital downloads, automated social media posting, and private members areas.

The Sales Resolution

The Sales Resolution

Clean, sharp, minimal, professional. The sales resolution is a website about a new way of sales, where understanding and fulfilling the clients needs is above the conventional 'hard sell'. Our brief was to create a fully branded site, complete with graphics and logo. The client also requested a full copy-writing service for all texts, titles and info boxes. We adopted a simple design with graphic 3D shadow elements to add interest.

Radhika Khimji

Radhika khimji - contemporary artist

Radhika Khimji is a contemporary artist displaying works in London and Oman. The artist's website needed to be intensely minimalist to prevent any distraction from the works on display. Grey text type and white background was chosen to provide a clean canvas against the image galleries. Strong emphasis is on large areas of white space that likewise complement the physical galleries where her art is exhibited.

Red Line Land

Red Line Land

A company specialising in aeriel photography for property allocation and surveying potential development areas. Red Line Land needed a fast and focused website detailing their services and featuring some of their work. The developers had a specific style they wanted to achieve and we had to follow closely both their design and copy. Attention to fast render time on the page was crucial as well as fully mobile responsive pages.

Folly Gardens Veterinary Practice

Folly Gardens Veterinary Practice

Folly Gardens is a group veterinary practice covering Cheltenham and  Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. The website needed close branding with their existing style and colours. The client wanted a professional look, yet portraying warmth and care that is a special feature of their policy. They needed to display many pages to feature their extensive range of services and also strong images to compliment texts. Due to the large volume of pages, we needed to deploy a mega menu structure to show navigation in a clear structured way.

Badger Projects


Dr Nigel Salter

Dr. Nigel Salter required a website that reflected his work in a professional capacity as director and facilitator to scientific and research start-up projects. His work specialises in high tech start-ups, especially when these have arisen from university research.

The website needed to show a clean minimalist design with a strong connection to his monochrome logo design, yet indicating a certain individualism. We achieved this by injecting a design element into the font headings, box shading and leaving plenty of open white space, complemented with mainly monochrome images and green highlight.

L'Amandier Hotel

L'Amandier Luxury Boutique Hotel -Marrakech, Morocco

L'Amandier is an exclusive luxury Boutique Hotel near Marrakesh, Morocco. Our clients wanted a website to showcase the hotel with strong full sized original photography, galleries and subtle text overlays to compliments the overall branding and exotic theme. We also integrated a full online booking system into the design, allowing seamless visitor hotel bookings connecting to the hotel in house front desk.



VIVID PR Consultancy

VIVID PR. This agency caters for many types of clients in media relations and crisis management to social media and event management. The brief was to create a 'vivid and stunning showcase' website that illustrated the modern approach to web design format. Using block with roll-over effect and strong branding colours we created a unique and colourful expression to match the clients approach




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