Choose a package and book your website


£750 for 5 days

  • Choice of One Startup website template (1)
  • 5 days total build and launch time (2) (3)
  • Your colours and branding (4)
  • We input all text and images (5)
  • We connect your domain name to site (6)
  • We allow you to proof read with 1 edit (7)
  • We add Google Analytics (8)
  • We make your site live (9)
  • We submit your site to search engines (10)
  • SSL on all sites (11)
  • We setup 1 free email address for your domain (12)

£1500 Starting

  • All the features of Startup Sites (a)
  • Up to 10 basic pages without extra costs (b)
  • Basic search engine optimisation (c)
  • Full access to our development services (d)
  • Changes in website layout with variations (e)
  • Additional layout elements (f)
  • Stylising of templates and theme (g)
  • Extended development time (h)
  • Additional functions and plugins (I)
  • More editing and iteration options (j)
  • Extra choices of fonts and colours (k)

Five days Start-up sites


(1) If template includes a shop, or ecommerce, extra charges will be added according to extent of products.

(2) 5 days build begins ONLY when we have all images and text for all the pages for your site.

(3) 5 days build begins ONLY when we have your domain registrar login.

(4) We will change the existing colours of the template to your branding

(5) Text and images must comply to amount of words and size of images. See notes below *1

(6) We need to access your domain registrar once to change the connection to your new website. *2

(7) We will give you the chance to proof read once before going live and change texts.

(8) We will add you to Google analytics so that you can see report and analytics

(9) We make your site live within the 5 day period, only if we have access to all your content in time.

(10) We submit your site to search engines as soon as it becomes live on the internet.

(11) we will set up one free email address with your domain if available with your registrar.

Premium build sites


(a) Premium Websites include all items listed in the startup websites.

(b) Basic pages are defined up to 3 featured images and  formatted text. 3*

(c) FULL Search engine optimisation will cost extra. Please ask us. 4*

(d) Extra services available inc. photography, video, artwork, print work. 5*

(e) More options for layout customisation, font choices and styles.

(f) More layout elements inc. icons, glyphs, with colour choices.

(g) Design open to greater colour and design variations.

(h) Due to extra customisation that we premium build clients, these projects take longer than 5 days.

(i) Many additional plugins available at no extra cost.

(j) You will have greater options for after build editing and changes.

(k) Full range of Google Fonts to choose from and colours.


1* All images must be as high quality as possible. Smartphone images are usually poor in quality. Also be aware that images in 'portrait' orientation (taller than wide) cannot be used in landscape positions.

Text needs careful thought and planning. The amount of text we use in the demos is crucial to the design and overall look. If you supply too much or too little, for any section, it may break the design and look unbalanced on the page. Getting this right often takes some time and remember. 'less is more'

2* We need a one time access to your registrar. This is to connect the domain to the website. A straight forward technical operation that must take place before we go live. We advise all clients to change the password AFTER we have made that connection, so that you KNOW only you have access to the domain registrar login.


3* If you require any special formatting, or layout changes for extra pages, we may require an extra fee, depending on complexity, or if other plugins are required for the content of these pages.

4* Full search engine optimisation is costed per page as we need to do a full keyword analysis and research into your marketing strategies

5* We will make available a full range of extra skills for adding professional resources to your website. This could include full multi media capture, image and video post processing and many other media rich presentations. Extra costs may be applied, depending on your requirements.




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