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Why a cheap web design company is not worth your investment

What is value for money, price or quality?
We are all in business to earn money and get satisfied customers. In simple terms, what anyone charges for a product or service is usually related to how much time and resources it cost them to produce.  Yes, we have loss leaders and vanity pricing that adjusts that price point, but they sit outside of the normal marketing curve. Despite that simple equation, we all like to think we can find a great deal where we actually get more value than the price would suggest. There are many web design companies charging just a few hundred pounds for a website. We even see them advertise on TV, but do they really provide value for money and the quality your business deserves?

Naturally, at Gloucestershire web designs, we have checked out the competition and carefully analysed what some of these companies are offering. Our studies and research have clearly indicated that cheap web design is usually associated with automated web systems; You pick a design and colour scheme, drop your words and images in and presto, your site is online! Quick and easy and cheap to produce and that is often as far as it goes.

Search engines like Google want a great user experience

“Focus on the user and all else will follow.” Article: Google user Experience and Design

That’s why Google is in business, like everyone else, they want to be the best at what they do. Many of us enjoy using Google search engine without really understanding how it works. However Google spend millions of dollars creating a search engine that can sift through its vast index of web sites and give you the best results on the first few pages.  Google strives to make its results targeted, relevant and focussed, that’s why we use it in preference to other search engines. How it does this would take many articles to explain, suffice to say that our test show that many of the cheap web design companies do not rank high in Google search engine results.

Google needs help to assess your website

Google ranks a website’s quality on many factors that are analysed through its complex computer algorithms. Remember, Google wants its readers to see the best results, most relevant to your search terms and giving you exactly what you want to see. In order to achieve those results a good web site must provide the search engine with essential markers to establish its quality and relevance.

Reasons why cheap web sites fail to deliver quality and relevance

Cheap web sites thrive on automated systems that provide containers for drop-in content. That’s how they can offer a site at a cheap price. What they can’t do is provide personal consultation, advice, planning and the experience of a dedicated web site expert for your project.

Here’s ten reasons why a cheap website can fail to deliver your web design business needs

  1. no-one advises you on the best domain name for your site
  2. your domain name is often not focused in the site address (URL
  3. no-one personally advises you on search engine optimisation techniques
  4. a cheap web site may not give you the option to SEO your content or images
  5. no-one advises you on how to tune your content for reader engagement and best search results
  6. your website is likely to be rather flat and template looking
  7. you can not fine tune your call to action for best results or response analysis.
  8. your web site may load slowly, because its part of a huge stack of similar sites
  9. any help and support is likely to be automated and not personalised
  10. if your site goes down, search engines lead you to a dead page.

Hand built web sites succeed, because search engines know the difference!

Yes, Gloucestershire Web Designs builds websites websites that are highly focused on the quality of user experience and follow best practices for search engine placement. Google and other search engine rank our sites highly because we build in all the factors that search engines need for quality evaluation. Put simply, they can tell that visitors to your site will have a good user experience.  This personal approach gives you the very best chance of being seen as an authoritative service provider and not a cheap market stall.

Call us now on 0845 45 99100 or contact us by email to find out how we can set you apart from the cheap web design alternatives.

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