How to write great email, get the response you want and save yourself time

We’re all busy people with overflowing inboxes.

I frequently read on Twitter that people have over 1000 pending emails waiting to be actioned.

Rather than being a time saver, email can become a time WASTER.

Ok, so you don’t need to fill your quill with ink, write your letter, wait for it to dry, seal and wax the envelope then wait for a week for it to be delivered any more.

Email is instant.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s efficient.

The truth is; it’s as efficient as you make it.

So treat others as you would like to be treated and put a few ground rules in place.

With these time management tips, we can make email more efficient and save ourselves time:

Clear subject lines

Write a clear email subject that lets the recipient know what to expect.

Something like “I was wondering” or “By the way” says nothing and might get deleted

“Urgent action needed on Smith report by Wednesday lunchtime” is sure to get that finger hovering on the ‘open’ button.

To scroll or not to scroll

An email that fits onto the page without needing to scroll through is a beautiful email!

Resist the urge for two paragraphs of superfluous waffle before you actually get to the point.

Bear in mind that many people use smartphones to check their mail, so a screen’s worth of laptop can be a lot of scrolling on a phone…

Break it up

Short chunks of text that are broken up with paragraphs or sub headings are easy to scan and a pleasure to read.

The other benefit is that people can easily copy and paste the bits they need to respond to.

Ask for action

Ask for the SPECIFIC ACTION you want the recipient to take.

Do you need them to book an appointment with you? If so, suggest three dates or times and ask them to confirm which one works best.

Do you need them to send you something? Ask for the specific information you need.

Don’t end an email with something like ‘thoughts?’

Tell them when

When you’ve asked specifically for the action you require, tell the recipient WHEN you need it by.

This means they can plan their workload and you’ll get what you need when you need it!

No Thanks!

You know what drives me crazy?

The emails that say ‘Ok, thanks!’

The best way you can say thanks to me is by sending me one less email to clutter my inbox ;)

What about you? What time management tips do you have for managing your inbox efficiently?

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