V: Should you vajazzle your website?

gloucestershire web designs sparkling websiteWelcome to Day 22 of the Gloucestershire web design A-Z blogging challenge.

Today we’re on the letter V and today we’re going to go to places never blogged before!

My daughter proudly told me she knew a rude word this morning.

“Vajazzle!” she shouted with a look of pure joy on her face.

To which she added “AND I’m the only one of my friends that knows what it means!” like this delicious secret would keep her within elevated status of ‘cool’ for the rest of the week.

It got me thinking about websites and whether or not we should adorn them for wow factor or just accept they are there for a purpose…

The urban dictionary states:

Vajazzle: To give the female genitals a sparkly makeover with crystals so as to enhance their appearance.

Is it time to give your business website a sparkly makeover?

Well, it’s all about balance.

If you have a dull, uninteresting site that is hard to navigate and with tiny text perhaps it’s time for a little vamping up of your appearance.

But if your site is functional, professional and slick then why reinvent the wheel?

Here at Gloucestershire web designs we pride ourselves on finding the balance point between glitz and glamour and functionality so that your WordPress website meets your business needs.

Yes flash animation can look stunning, but it doesn’t necessarily generate leads. In fact flash is not at all helpful for SEO. Added to which flash sites can take a long time to load and recent research shows that us impatient lot in our technological world will not wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load before we’re hopping to the next hit.

Want tinkly music? It’s great if you’re a meditation guru or a rock star but perhaps not ideal for a dog food company – I’m not sure how much a cute rendition of “How much is that doggy in the window?” would enhance your online presence.

My advice is to get your branding right; choose appropriate colours, a simple logo and a striking tagline. Achieve great navigation on your site, make sure your page load time is cutting edge and fill your pages with compelling, regularly updated content.

Leave the sparkly crystals for other, erm, areas of your life ;)

What about you? Is it time to revamp your business website? We promise not to adorn it with sparkly crystals (well, unless you want them) contact Gloucestershire Web Designs or call us on local rate: 0845 45 99 100 to see how we can help you.

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