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Did you find Gloucestershire Web design company on Google?

One of the first questions we ask our clients is how they found our website Did They use a search engine like Google ? What were their search terms? The answers to how people find us gives essential insights to how we help our clients choose domain names and content structure in their own website.

Some people use search terms such as ‘ web development Gloucestershire ‘, web designer Gloucestershire , or ‘ WordPress web designer ‘ What you will notice is that many of these search terms occur in our domain name and this helps search engines determine the relevance of our website with what people are looking for.

Your domain name is important

We have noted from our tests and research that the web site domain name is important in establishing your online identity with search engines and your visitors. People visiting your site are often scanning quickly through a list of search results and need to instantly understand what your website is about and whether it will serve them what they are looking for. An ambiguous, domain name does not help establish that information or trust in your visitors. Lots of flowery words and a slow description will leave them scanning quickly for the essential bits they want and ignoring all your hard work on punctuation and good prose.

We live in an era where people are time poor and impatient for results. Your domain name needs to encapsulate your identity and lead your visitors to a quick realisation of your services and features.

Content is king in web design and build

The days of long articles and slow gentle introductions are over. Visitors to your website want to find the heart of your content quickly and in bite sized chunks. When Gloucestershire web designs plan and build a web site we make it a priority that your visitors understand who you are and what you are offering, from the moment people read the search engine results page. We want your website to be both attractive and functional and above all to engage your visitors in a call to action.

Contact us now by phone 0845 45 99 100 or email and find out how Gloucestershire web designs can establish your business on the information super highway.

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