Websites must work on your mobile device

Why your website has to work on a mobile device

Here are 2 good reasons:

1- More and more people are using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Research indicates that up to 46% of your readers will see your website on a mobile device before viewing it on a full screen computer. Browsing and searching at work during a coffee break, standing in a bus cue, or idly filling time. The mobile phone and tablet has become the device of choice.

2- Google recognises the fact that more people are using mobile devices and in order to satisfy those ‘customers’ it will now penalise web sites that can not display properly in a smart phone or tablet.

The term is ‘Mobile Responsive’ and you need it!

At Gloucestershire Web Designs all our websites are mobile responsive. Whatever your mobile device is, our websites will work perfectly and display the content in a clear format. In order to display a web page the content layout may change to reflow the text and reduce the size of images in order to fit the smaller screens. In other words, you don’t simply get a smaller version of the full screen size, because this would simply not work well.

Your visitors will return if your site works on a mobile device

That’s what you want and that’s what Google wants, a great user experience on any device! If your website is old and not responsive, you may be losing your ranking in Google and losing potential visitors and business. Have you checked your web site in your mobile phone and tablet? How does it look and work?

Contact us for more information about how we can help rebuild your website to become mobile responsive and work beautifully on all mobile devices. Call us now on 0845 45 99 100 or email us here

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