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sites using wordpressWhy choose WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the best web site platforms in the world. We think it surpasses just about every other. During the year 2000 we made extensive tests on all the other platforms and some less well know startups just to see how well they perform. After several weeks of testing and trialing, we decided that WordPress would be the CMS of choice for our future websites and development. We had several criteria ranging from ease of use for the user to deep technical issues and security. Fifteen years later we still choose WordPress above all others. While CMS developers have come and gone, WordPress has gone from strength to strength, constantly innovating, updating and  staying ahead of the technology curve.

WordPress Developers

We consider our service, more than a web site design and build. WordPress allows us to create individual sites that not only adhere to the best web standards, but also integrate very specific individual features that other platforms can not achieve. Our clients love their sites, because they too can run their site easily without having to rely on expensive and lengthy bookings with their web developer. The admin interface is clean, clear, manageable and designed for the novice or time poor blogger to use easily. Isn’t that what we all want? We can even totally design the administration side to remove all but the most essential features to publish a post or edit a page. It’s even easier than Facebook or twitter!

Post directly from email or mobile phone?

Yep … if you really want to avoid all the logging in hastle (average 5 seconds to do) you can send an email to your blog from your desktop or mobile phone! It will automatically publish live to the site, complete with images and links. Brilliantly simple and streamlining the publication process to a minimum.

Sounds good? want some more details

WordPress is not just a pretty face and not just for the high flying websites like the Paystation blog or Toyota Motors Brazil

Whatever your requirements, simple to the point and fresh, or something very slick and sophisticated, we can deliver your ideal web site. Call us now for a freen and friendly chat on 0845 45 99 100 or email us here


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