You need Social media and a web site

Why your web site should have social media

Over recent years there has been an increasing popularity for social media. Some businesses even prefer to interact on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin instead of running a web site. At Gloucestershire Web Designs we are often asked by clients how best to use social media and how to integrate the networks with their web site.

Do social networks contribute to Search Ranking?

There is no doubt that a good social network presence will raise your profile and visibility on the web, if only because it will generate and drive more traffic to your pages. However, will your activity on Facebook or other networks contribute to your search engine ranking? Probably NOT, because the search engine cannot guarantee the permanence or reliability of social network content .

According to Matt Cutts “(Google) Engineers are a little bit wary of trying to extract data when that data might change and we wouldn’t know it […] so don’t necessarily assume just because there is a signal on Facebook or Twitter that Google is able to access that. A lot of pages might be blocked or there might be No Follow on links, or something along those lines ” Please see video above for full interview.

The fact is that Google can only index Facebook and Twitter Pages it can crawl and that includes the crawl ability of any other social network. Although we can make social media pages public in our privacy settings, unfortunately we can’t always control what the network is doing internally. The other problem that concerns Google is that much of the that content is transient and changing status or link relationships which makes indexing accurate content difficult and unreliable.

You need a web site to provide good search engine rankings

We advise clients that they should invest in both a good website to provide good solid permanent indexable content, plus also run at least one social network to provide current interaction through social media. We also provide special tools and methods to help our clients convey their web content into interesting sound bites for their social media presence.

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